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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are the 53%!

By now, everyone in the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of Antarctica have heard about Mitt Romney's statements, secretly recorded and leaked to a left-wing magazine, concerning the dependency of 47% of the American people on some form of government assistance.  This dependence, Romney stated, made this 47% unlikely to vote for him.  Since this statement, the mainstream in-the-tank-for-Obama media have been heralding this as a major candidacy killing gaffe--one so bad that the campaign might as well be over.  We might as well not have an election.  We should just declare Obama the winner and go back to watching Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo.

So while the media is eulogizing the "late" Romney campaign, no one is asking the obvious question.

What exactly is wrong with what Romney said?

It certainly is not the truth of what he said.  While a broad brush statement, in general Romney hit the nail on the head, as this Wall Street Journal article pointed out.

So if the furor is not because what Romney said was wrong, could it be because what Romney said was right?  I think the answer is yes.  Romney incurred the wrath of the media and the left because he took the class warfare argument Obama has been using for years and turned it on its head.

What do I mean?  Let me explain.  For the last couple of years, since the Occupy movement popularized the  notion of the 99% against the 1%--the latter being the rich members of our society.  The vision is that the 99% of average Americans are exploited by a small wealthy elite.  Obama has taken this and incorporated it into his campaign against Romney.  With Romney's comments, however, people have another vision to consider--a growing group of people who do not pay taxes, who rely on some form of government assistance, supported by a steadily shrinking percentage of Americans.  Romney's description is much more supportable by the evidence than the Obama/Occupy perspective.

Obama is the candidate of the 47%.  He is the candidate of dependency.  He is the candidate of victimhood.  He is the candidate of irresponsibility.  He is the candidate of the handout.

Romney is the candidate of the 53%.  He is the candidate of independence.  He is the candidate of possibilities.   He is the candidate of personal responsibility.  He is the candidate of the hand-up.

Let us stand up and say proudly--WE ARE THE 53%!

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