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Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 --
James is busy working on a biography of J. Edgar Hoover, so he's letting me do 7 Quick Takes this week. In addition to his extensive knowledge of Catholic culture, he is also something of an expert on FBI records.
--- 2 ---
Speaking of biographies, I have had the opportunity to write a few myself lately.  My very favorite was on Dolley Madison, the fourth First Lady of the United States and hands down the coolest woman in history (other than the obvious).
--- 3 ---
I also got to write of poor Mary Todd Lincoln, who historians now believe was either bipolar or addicted to opiates because of her migraine headaches. I'm afraid my cousin, who is also a historian, would say she was just crazy as a sprayed roach.
--- 4 ---
As much as I am committed to my undying love for Dolly Madison, I truly loved writing about Abigail Adams, mainly because of her wonderful letters the still exist between her and her husband, second president John Adams.  I'm just saying, you look at those old paintings of those two and you'd never believe some of the stuff they wrote each other in private.  Oh, and by the way, she was not an early feminist, in spite of nasty rumors spread about her.  She was a devoted wife and mother who was, like most of us, also very intelligent and, yes, opinionated.
--- 5 ---
Another woman I got to write about was Amelia Earhart.  I have to say, while she was interesting, she was not anything close to my favorite.
--- 6 ---
Ditto Eleanor Roosevelt.
--- 7 ---
Have a great week everybody.  James will be back next Friday.
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  1. Love, love, love Dolley Madison. And Abigail Adams. And her letters to John.

  2. I'm not really into history, but I do love stories of loving and faithful married couples. Good times.