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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is this a foretaste of our future?

 Mother Claims She Had to Fight Hospital to Keep Toddler on Life Support | NBC San Diego

The Obamacare law set up an independent advisory board, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, to control Medicare costs.  This Board, according to experts, could lead to reducations of payments to hospitals and doctors and limit patient access to medical care.  Often referred to as a "Death Panel," the prospects for our aged in this country are dire if the Board stands.

Now while Board is limited to Medicare, the natural tendency of government power is to expand into other areas.  As medical costs continue to increase over time, the same regulatory power that the HHS used to redefine what constitutes religious activity in the contraception mandate can be used to define under what circumstances a sick infant or child can continue to receive medical care.  Imagine a circumstance in which an infant born with Down's Syndrome or Spina Bifida to a 16 year old unwed mother is determined not to be entitled to medical care because the mother and child do not meet standards decided by unelected bureaucrats?  Is forced abortion not far behind?  Or government-approved infanticide, as advocated by some "medical ethicists."?  Could parents of newborns with challenges face going underground, having risky home births, attempting to keep their children "off-the-grid" and out of the government's attention?

Am I being too dramatic?  Perhaps.  Is the picture I draw too fantastic to be believed?  Maybe.  But so was the systematic murder of six million Jews and five million others.  Because many in America could not conceive of genocide on such a scale, they did not believe it was happening--until the first American soldiers liberated Buchenwald.

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