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Monday, August 20, 2012

My brave daughter Maggie

Mental illnesses are the most difficult subject to talk about.  Even in our enlightened society, people are still very uncomfortable talking about issues such as depression.  This is particularly true with teenagers.  So many teenagers suffer in silence because they are afraid to tell anyone what's going on for fear of being ridiculed or ignored.  Thus, they go on for years struggling with depression, sometimes only finding relief from their suffering in alcohol, drugs--or suicide.  Depression is the silent killer of our teens.  We must listen to them when they cry.  But they have to be brave enough to cry out to us first.

That's why I'm so proud of Maggie.  She has been brave enough to post on her blog about her experience with bipolar depression.  Please read it.

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To parents out there who love a child with a mental illness, let me say a couple of things.  First, I know it seems hopeless; it has to me and Susan at times.  It does become easier to deal with.  And by the grace of God, it can abound to your growth in holiness.  Through everything, my faith has only grown stronger;  I offer up my own sufferings for Maggie's healing and those like her..

Second, remember that they are first of all your child; and your child is not their illness.  It's just like your child had diabetes, cancer, or another illness; there are good days and bad days  But your child is and will always be your child, given to you by God and made in His image.  And when you look in the face of your child, remember to see her as Jesus does.

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